goPoke is the latest poke restaurant to hit Seattle as the Hawaiian raw fish salad craze continues. But of the latest poke offerings in town, goPoke is among the most authentically Hawaiian of them all. Family owned with a long history of fishing the waters of Hawaii, this casual eatery is located in the International District of Seattle. The menu includes a build-your-own poke bowl where you can choose from a selection of fresh, marinated raw seafood. Ahi tuna and salmon are the staples, and goPoke also includes another Hawaii favorite: tako, or octopus. Order poke by the pound, or build a ready-to-eat bowl. Stick around for dessert and treat yourself to Hawaii favorites including Bubbies mochi ice cream or shave ice.

Address: 625 S King St, Seattle, WA 98104
Phone: (206) 799-9560

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