Suzi in Seattle. Photo by Alex Crick

“Why I’d like nothing better than to achieve some bold adventure, worthy of our travels.” -Aristophanes

About Me

Welcome! My name is Suzi Pratt and I am a freelance photographer in Seattle specializing in event (festivals, corporate events, concerts), restaurant, and travel photography. Raised in Hawaii, I have lived on three continents, but currently call Seattle, Washington home. I am an avid traveler and constantly travel to destinations within and outside of the United States for photography projects.

My love affair with traveling and events began at an early age. I was that kid who hated to sleep because “I didn’t want to miss the action,” and that’s a true statement today. I love attending and documenting all sorts of events from multi-day festivals and concerts to formal corporate events. I also love documenting the interiors, foods, and behind-the-scenes action within restaurants. Since my mom is a high school culinary instructor and chef, I’ve grown up in the culinary world and take much delight in being able to work within it professionally today.

I never say no to an adventure. Camera in hand, I am driven by wanderlust and a childlike curiosity to explore the world around me. As a full time freelancer and co-owner of a tourism business, my work has enabled me to travel to exotic locales all over the world and meet fascinating people. I’ve built houses in Cambodia, hiked the rain forests of Costa Rica’s Corcovado National Park in Costa Rica, and backpacked solo through Europe for a month, to name a few adventures. Having ventured to 24 countries for lengths of time up to 6 months, I have the art of compact packing and budget travel down to a science. Need someone who will eagerly hop on the next plane or train for your photo project? I’m your photographer!


I also specialize in online content writing and social media strategy development for tourism and travel through my side business ventures Gemini Connect and Hanna Stables.  I am currently based in Seattle, but am available for hire and travel within the U.S. and beyond. For more about me, find me online by seeing my professional resume available here, or visit my artist profile by Artists for Artists, or this interview that Land of a Gazillion Adoptees did with me.’

Partial Client List

My photography work has been published internationally, most notably in Rolling Stone, People Magazine, New York Magazine, and Bon Appetit Magazine.

Published In

Eater Seattle, Rolling Stone, Fuse, People Magazine, Prefix Magazine, Bon Appetit Magazine, New York Magazine, Seattle Metropolitan Magazine, Paste Magazine, Northwest Palate Magazine, Pitchfork Media, Premier Guitar, The Stranger, KEXP, Gazillion Voices, Corset Magazine, Metromix

Corporate Clients

Getty Images, Wire Image, Film Magic, Microsoft, W Hotels, Vogue, Warner Music Group, Ann Taylor, Barneys New York, Knight’s Circle at University of Central Florida, Atlantic Records, Butter London, Linda Derschang, Michael Mina, Restaurants Unlimited, Car2Go, Negra Modelo, Groundspeak

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My Style

In terms of photography, I love documenting things as they happen. So much happens in the unstaged and unexpected moments, and I love being there to capture them.

I’ve been a story teller my whole life, beginning with my self-written and illustrated stories as a child, to my first professional writing job as a blogger in Spain. My goal is to meld by storytelling abilities with my love of imagery to capture authentic faces, places, and events, and document all of the behind-the-scenes factors that make them happen. I aim to capture scenes as it unfolds before me, in addition to composing images that are simple, yet strong and filled with hope.

Guiding Principles

I tackle every project with the mission of telling a great story, no matter how “ordinary” the subject may seem. There is a story to EVERYTHING, and I am intent and finding and telling them all. When I get my heart set on doing something, there’s almost nothing that will keep me from doing it…even appendicitis.

Some Big Personal Achievements

2001: Won a cooking contest and was a guest star on a local TV show.

2003: Ran 26.2 miles at the Honolulu Marathon at age 17.

2007: Spent 6 months abroad in Granada, Spain, and 1 month backpacking solo to 5 countries in Europe.

2008: Attempted to gain a skydiving license. Made it through 13 jumps before realizing I wasn’t ready to risk my life…yet.

2009: Traveled to Cambodia to build houses with the Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Work Project Mekong Build with Habitat for Humanity. Met both former President Carter and his wife.

2010: Backpacked 22km (~13.7 miles) in 8 hours through Corcovado National Park (Los Patos to La Sirena) in Costa Rica.

2011: Traveled on scholarship to Seoul, South Korea and met my biological father and grandmother for the first time.

2012: Went through an eye-opening and life-changing ayahuasca ceremony…twice.

2013: Came down with appendicitis in the middle photographing a 3-day festival. Was back on my feet shooting 12 hours later.

2014: ? ? ?

Fun Facts

I have traveled to 24 different countries throughout the world.

I was born in Seoul, South Korea, and raised on Oahu, Hawaii. I currently reside in Seattle, Washington.

I spent 6 months living in Granada, Spain, where I was fully immersed in the Spanish language and culture and earned a DELE (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language) certificate.

The weirdest yet most tasty food I’ve ever tried is fried tarantula.

I love all vegetables–except for zucchini.

Contact Me 

Riding an elephant in Bali, Indonesia