Wrapping Up 1 Month of Travel

 A huge leafy green salad. That is the one thing my body is craving when I touch down onto US soil in Houston after my 9 hour flight out of Amsterdam Schipol.  The nutella-peanut butter sandwich and stroopwafle had definitely worn off, look so a Wendy’s chicken salad leaves me contented, and thus, my one month of traveling is coming to an end.  I can hardly believe that the full month has come to an end.  Part of me is itching to hop aboard another international flight, and part of me is ready to quit living out of my backpack, wondering how long I’ll have to keep re-using my clothes before I can wash them again.

Overall, this trip has been rewarding in every possible way.  As always, I managed to travel relatively lightly, since the only souvenirs I collect are postcards, chocolate bar wrappers, and Coke bottle wrappers. Also, my backpack lost some weight when my favorite clothes were destroyed, in this case, a pair of jeans I’ve been wearing for the past 3 years, and 5 pairs of socks that got moldy and ant-infested in humid Costa Rica.  I must confess though that my pack has gained a few more kilos due to the licorice, stroopwafels and cookies my friends are sending me home with me.   Still, I managed to see and do an amazing amount of things during my travels including:

Kicking back in Americus and partying in Atlanta

– experiencing an “authentic” Costa Rican holiday in Limón

– lounging the beautiful beaches of Puerto Viejo and Puerto Jimenez

– hiking the rainforests of Corcovado and seeing all the wildlife

– relaxing and taking in the beauty of Bahía Drake

– seeing good friends in Wageningen

– walking the infamous streets of Amsterdam

– falling in love with Bavaria on the Romantic Road

…and all the while being reunited with old friends and making new ones in every destination.

career break

On a beach in Costa Rica with one of my best friends.

career break

Chilling in an ice bar in Amsterdam with two of my good college friends.

Suzi Pratt is a Seattle event, food, and travel photographer available for hire. She is also a contributing writer at Digital Photography School and runs a blog teaching others how to start a photography business.


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