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As a photographer, my goal is to capture stories in the form of images. Photos have the power to help you relive a specific moment in time and recall all of the emotions and details surrounding that moment. When I work with you on a photo project, my goal is to provide you with photographic records of those moments. I want you to be able to look back at your photos years from today and be able to relive that moment in time.

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Beginning with self-written and illustrated stories as a child to my first professional writing job as a blogger in Spain, my goal is to meld storytelling with photography. I strive to capture authentic faces, places, and events, and document all of the behind-the-scenes factors that make them happen. I aim to capture scenes as it unfolds before me, in addition to composing images that are simple yet compelling.

As a professional freelance photographer, my work has enabled me to travel to exotic locales all over the world and meet fascinating people. I’ve built houses in Cambodia, hiked the rain forests of Costa Rica’s Corcovado National Park in Costa Rica, and backpacked solo through Europe for a month, to name a few adventures. Need someone to hop on the next plane or train for your photo project? I’m your photographer!

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Seattle event food photographer Suzi Pratt
Seattle event food photographer Suzi Pratt
Seattle event food photographer Suzi Pratt
Seattle event food photographer Suzi Pratt
Seattle event food photographer Suzi Pratt
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  • Seattle Food Photographer Suzi Pratt 02

Photos: Heartwood Provisions

April 5th, 2016|0 Comments

Seattle has a new fine dining restaurant in town in the form of Heartwood Provisions. Featuring a robust food and cocktail menu with a special emphasis on beverage pairings throughout the meal, Heartwood Provisions offers [...]

  • Seattle food photographer Suzi Pratt

Photos: Hae Song Korean Barbecue

April 4th, 2016|0 Comments

Korean food is all the rage in Seattle lately, with many people seeking Korean food recipes and authentic barbecue or gogigui restaurants. While many Korean restaurants such as Seattle favorite Trove offer the opportunity to roast a [...]

  • Russell Wilson Good Man Brand

Russell Wilson Launches ‘Good Man Brand’ at Nordstrom

March 1st, 2016|0 Comments

Football season may be over, but that isn't stopping Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson from embarking on new endeavors. Yesterday, the entrepreneur officially launched a brand new clothing line that he co-founded, called the Good [...]

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