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Whidbey Island – Spring 2011

May 06 2011

Whidbey (Whidby) Island (nicknamed “The Rock”)  is located about 48 km north of Seattle in the Olympic Peninsula.  It is one of…

Words: SXSW Survival Guide for Concert Photographers

Mar 11 2011

This year, I’m gearing up for my first-ever experience down in Austin, Texas for the annual SXSW music festival.  Attended by thousands…

Pleasure, Happiness, and Travel

Jan 25 2010

“….Americans have an inability to relax into sheer pleasure.Ours is an entertainment seeking-nation, but not necessarily a pleasure-seeking one….This is the cause…

Wrapping Up 1 Month of Travel

Jan 21 2010

A huge leafy green salad. That is the one thing my body is craving when I touch down onto US soil in…

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