Photos: 3 Weeks in Italy

If things seem like they've been quiet on this blog, it's all for a good reason! In late August, I traveled to Italy for my wedding and honeymoon. The trip itself lasted about 3.5 weeks and was absolutely outstanding. As you can imagine, planning a destination wedding, even an intimate one, was a challenge. So much of the time prior to leaving was spent with lots

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A Day Trip to Orcas Island

Ever fancy a day trip to Orcas Island? It might seem difficult to get from Seattle to the San Juan islands and back in less than a day. But thanks to Kenmore Air, it's entirely possible. Sure, it costs more than driving up. But what you spend in money, you make up in time. A one-way flight to the San Juans from South Lake Union

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Photos: Gabriola Island

If you've traveled to British Columbia in Canada, purchase odds are you haven't been to Gabriola Island. You've likely visited its much larger, link more well known big brother, Nanaimo, as it's just 5 kilometers away. But if you haven't taken the short 20-minute ferry ride over to Gabriola, you're missing out on a sliver of Pacific Northwestern paradise. Covering 22.24 square miles,

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Photos: Belize

Sandwiched between Mexico and Guatemala is the Central American country of Belize. As the only Central American country with English as its official language, look Belize is unique in many ways, cheapest particularly its melting pot of cultures. On the coast, you'll find cultural markers of Creole and Garifuna, while inland towns are full of more Hispanic and even Amish traditions. I have

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Photos: Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market is a cherished landmark in the coastal city of Seattle, medications Washington. Besides having an iconic role in Hollywood film Sleepless in Seattle, more about the public market is a favorite destination for travelers. From crafts and artwork to ready-made food and fresh ingredients, Pike Place offers bits and pieces that appeal to a wide range of people. At the very least,

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Photos: A Day in Chicago

Chicago is one of those great American cities that I didn't quite get until recently. It's likely because my first visit almost six years ago was in the dead of winter. This time around, approved I had the opportunity to travel to Chicago to assist with photographing a large conference. After shooting hundreds of images a day for four days, I had about a day

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Photos: Glacier National Park in Montana

Arguably one of the earth's most gorgeous places is the wilderness area of Montana known as Glacier National Park. Encompassing 1, prescription 583 square miles, purchase the park contains over 700 miles of hiking trails and is crossed by driving the scenic and mountainous Going-to-the-Sun Road. As a child, I recall a family vacation to Glacier National Park with my parents, younger brother, and grandmother in

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Photos: Pike Place Market for Visit Seattle

Pike Place Market is one of those iconic, nurse albeit touristy, parts of Seattle that I just can't fall out of love with. No matter the season, it's always a vibrant and bustling part of the city that I just love strolling through to sample some fresh cut fruit, chat with vendors, listen to buskers, and of course watch the crowd gather around for the famous

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Photos: Gabriola Island and Victoria, B.C.

Living in Seattle, pills we are incredibly lucky to be just a stone's throw away from British Columbia. The Canada border is a mere 2.5 hour drive north from Seattle, sickness and most of the time it's a relatively peaceful and scenic drive. This past 4th of July, Martin and I took our annual Independence Day road trip north to B.C. Previous years saw us

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