Intrepid Freelancer: 6 Lessons Learned from Appendicitis

Welcome to The Intrepid Freelancer, a blog series in which I talk about the pros, cons, and overall lifestyle of being a freelancer. Whether you’re a part-time, full-time, former or aspiring freelancer, I hope these blogs hit home in some way. As a disclaimer, the views I express are mine and not reflective of any clients I have previously or am currently working with. Please feel free to comment, share, and engage! One of the biggest banes of every freelance or self employed person’s existence is the issue of health insurance. For many of us, it ends up costing far too much to pay for independent health coverage, so many of us slide on by with our fingers crossed that no major medical incident will happen. I’ve been fortunate to have been without solid health insurance for nearly 2 years now with no big mishaps, but my lucky streak ended over Memorial Day weekend with a sudden bout of appendicitis. It was day two of the annual Sasquatch Music Festival at The Gorge in eastern Washington, my third year in a row photographing it for media, and first ever shooting for Wire Image. Suffice to say, Sasquatch is always a huge deal for me not only professionally, but socially, as it’s a great time of year to commune with local media folk all while catching some awesome bands (summary of my coverage here). Also, this won’t be a post about insurance for freelancers…that will be another topic very soon when my medical bills arrive (gulp).

Photos: Sasquatch Music Festival 2013

This year, I once again had the honor of attending and photographing the Sasquatch Music Festival at The Gorge in Washington. It was a fantastic lineup, with local hip-hop star Macklemore headlining a very emotional first night, and The Postal Service closing out the festival on Monday night. Highlights of this year’s fest were of course Macklemore, with his glorious homecoming, The Postal Service’s long awaited return, Elvis Costello, Death Grips, and Killer Mike, who was so awed by the huge reception he got on the Yeti stage that he was struck speechless for a good period of time after his opening song.

Photos: Sasquatch Music Festival 2012

The Sasquatch 2012 Music Festival went down at the Gorge Amphitheater over Memorial Day weekend, bringing out the likes of headliners Jack White, Beck, Jack Black (Tenacious D), Bon Iver, and a host of indie rock bands.  It was a concert photographer's paradise, with five stages of musical goodness spanning the course of four days, catering to a sold out audience.  Check out photos below,

Sasquatch 2011 – Photos

This year I was privileged to once again attend the Sasquatch Music Festival at The Gorge in WA. It was my third Sasquatch experience, the second as a part of the media, and my first as an accredited photographer for Prefix Magazine. For the festival's 10th anniversary, Sasquatch expanded from three days to four and boasted an impressive lineup that included Foo Fighters, Death Cab

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