Photos: Seattle Santarchy 2011

Santarchy, or SantaCon, is an annual mass gathering of folks dressed as Santa Claus, which quickly evolves into massive dance parties and pub crawls, depending on where it's held.  In the case of Seattle's annual Santarchy, it was held on December 17th, beginning at the Seattle Center and roving through downtown before ending after midnight in the Capitol Hill neighborhood.  This year, there were tons

SantaCon 2010

I spent this afternoon at the famous Fremont Troll in Seattle, where SantaCon 2010 was kicking off in the Emerald City. Hordes of locals dressed as Santa, or other holiday creatures, congregated under the bridge to chat, pose for photos, drink out of paper bags, and chant "ho ho ho" upon the ringleader's cue. Mixed with your traditional Santas were some of the rowdiest and

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