Photos: Frito Pie at Cantine

Frito pie, information pills or a walking taco, order is a beloved cheap treat for many Americans. Huxley Wallace Collective’s new bar and bottle shop Cantine takes this classic dish and elevates it to a much more sumptuous level, treat featuring all house-made ingredients. Take a look at the cooking process below, featuring the Frito chips made from fried pasta, house-made chili, and pickled onions.

Cantine is located in South Lake Union, next door to Vestal. Other Huxley Wallace Collective restaurants in the Seattle area include Scout and The Nest, located downtown across the street from Pike Place Market.

Location: 513 Westlake Ave N, Seattle, WA

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Suzi Pratt is a Seattle event and food photographer available for hire. She is also a contributing writer at Digital Photography School and runs a blog teaching others how to start a photography business.
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