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In early November, about it  Wildwood Spirits Co opened its doors as Western Washington’s newest distillery. Located just below Howie’s Beardslee Public House, the Wildwood is the first craft distillery to open in Bothell. The sparkling new facility is modest yet stylish, consisting of a distillery and tasting room. Designed to take on the look of a vintage English apothecary, the tasting room has a modern aesthetic . Adjacent to the tasting room is a separate room with glass windows where shiny copper stills can be viewed. Much of the equipment including a 450-liter alembic pot still, 150-liter rectification still, and 20-plate column still is supplied by Christian Carl, a German still manufacturer. Despite its brand new physical establishment, Wildwood Spirits is already an acclaimed brand thanks to the talent of the head distiller whose spirits have received awards and recognition by Wine and Spirits Magazine. His acclaimed spirits include Stark Vatten vodka and Kur gin.

Wildwood Spirits Co is brought to us by Chef John Howie and Distiller and Sommelier Erik Liedholm. Howie is the notable chef behind some of the region’s prestigious restaurants including Adriatic Grill, Seastar, and John Howie Steak. His most recent restaurant is Beardslee Public House, which doubles as a 10-barrel brewery where Drew Cluley of Pike Brewing produces 12-13 craft brews. Meanwhile, Beardslee Alehouse’s menu is focused on a farm-to-table concept in that it produces much of its own food including fresh bread, meat ground in house, and a locker for aging housemade charcuterie.

I had the pleasure of visiting Wildwood Spirits Co on the day of their opening and snapped some interior photos. As an interior photographer with a penchant for minimalist design, I went wild over the clean, stylish tasting room and the incredibly huge, shiny copper barrels in the back room. Take a peek inside of Wildwood Spirits Co below.

Wildwood Spirits Company

Address: 19116 Beardslee Blvd, Bothell, WA 98011

Phone: 425.286.1002

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