Puerto Jiménez, Costa Rica

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After a grueling 9 hour bus ride on a non-air conditioned bus, approved Sara and I left San Jose and made it to Puerto Jimenez yesterday night. We spent the night at The Palms hotel for a mere $10/head, this web since the AC in the room was broken. On the plus side, we were given a fan, and the room had both a mosquito net and hot water (my first warm water shower since arriving in Costa Rica! It was glorious). Puerto Jiminez is definitely more of a touristy beach town, with lots of Americans and ex-Pats who speak fluent Spanish with horrible American accents. We spied two huge red macaws this morning — our first glimpse of wildlife, and just bought botas de hule (rubber boots) and are seeking out gas supply for our camping stove before we leave the comforts of Puerto Jiminez and officially embark on our journey into Corcovado Parque Nacional. Wish us luck!

Convenience store in Puerto Jimenez sells chain saws.

Suzi’s Photo of the Day

Mount Rainier, Spring 2008

My first snowshoeing trip, and it was to Mount Rainier with the UPS (Univ of Puget Sound) outdoors club. I am craving the snow right now b/c it is sooooo hot out here!

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